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Gaming On The Fly

Apr 25, 2019

On this weeks episode we discuss several topics including a rumor about a possible buyout of game studio Nexon by Disney. 

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Apr 18, 2019

On this weeks episode, we take a quick look at the new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars game. We discuss other topics such as Sandbox games and sandbox elements in other games and why people are torn about "Cinematic Games".

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Apr 11, 2019

We are now apart of the BS Podcast Network! 

On this weeks episode, we discuss the recent complaints of Sekiro being too difficult and dive deep into the "controversies" of the Epic Games Store. 

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Apr 5, 2019

We are back! We promise! On this episode, we discuss games that featured great DLC as well as games that featured terrible DLC. We also discuss games that we could not get into and why. 

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Mar 7, 2019

On this week's episode, we discuss how the Nintendo Switch will have Xbox Live. We also discuss the new Halo game and enlighten our E3 predictions for this coming year. 

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